Kitchen Cabinets: From Drab To Fab!

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The kitchen is the heart of the home, and so it makes sense that many of us will put a lot of effort into ensuring that it looks and feels its best.

As any homeowner is well aware, redecorating your kitchen space can be an expensive undertaking – especially if you are planning to work from total scratch! There are, however, insider tips and tricks which can help you to take your kitchen cabinets from drab to fab – and will minimal expense on your part. Next time you see “kitchen cabinets for sale”, why not take in a few of our tricks, and bag a bargain for half the price!

Be flexible with styles

Fashions come and go, and this means that that prices of doors for your cabinets can vary drastically, depending on whether the current style is considered to be “on trend.” As a rule, inset and raised panel door styles will be the most expensive, as they have extra detailing which can make them more appealing. By contrast, slab door fronts are typically cheaper, and these can be a great way to add a contemporary, modern feel to your kitchen, all while cutting costs.

Opt for cheaper wood

In a similar vein, certain woods will cost you far more than others – this will depend on the quality and rarity of the wood, as well as its overall perceived value. Oak tends to be the most affordable option, while maple could see the price tag rise by up to $1000. Cherry is another popular choice which looks amazing – but also tends to come with an eyewatering cost attached. To stay in budget, opt for a cheaper wood – you can still enjoy an amazing effect.

Avoid wood altogether

While wood is understandably popular, you could cut your costs even further by selecting an all-plywood construction. Within this, thermofoil and laminate tend to be the cheapest – the former is a plastic finish applied to engineered wood core,such as medium-density fiberboard, while the latter is also a good substitute. Both are hardwearing, resistant to moisture, and can transform the look of your space at an amazing cost.

 Reduce your cabinets

Another popular option is to reduce the number of kitchen cabinets you ended in the first place by switching to open shelving. This can create a unique look which is becoming increasingly popular, and will seriously cut your costs. While they can appear to be more maintenance – they need dusting a lot more often than hidden cabinet shelves – the overall visual aspect can be striking, and add a real individuality to your kitchen which is only a bonus to the money you have saved!

 Cut the extras

While extras such as soft close draws and extending units are a bonus, they can also help to drive up the cost of your kitchen refurb. Unless these are super important to you, we recommend cuttign the extra expense, and spending the cash on making your new budget selections look amazing.

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