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The kitchen is the room that creates comfort for the whole family, so its renovation is a priority.

When we have to change the type of kitchen, we are aware that we are dealing with a serious challenge. On the one hand, we look forward to the effect of the renovation, on the other – the activities that are coming to us cause concern. If we have not gone this way, we will surely need some valuable advice.


It includes an analysis of the room, a plan for organizing the repair, setting out ideas for the new interior. Here, the very important point is to consider whether we will need a construction company. If the old tiles are to be replaced, we want to extend the area by absorbing the terrace or to make another change requiring such intervention, then the contacts of a special group for that purpose should be at hand.

At a later stage, we need to move some furniture and household appliances that will interfere with the actual repairs. And let’s not forget that in the days when the masters will swarm, we have to eat outdoors or prepare cans and finished products.

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The repair starts from the ceiling. There is a row of walls where faience tiles could be placed in the middle, and the rest could be painted with paint or wallpaper. If they are wallpapers, let them be vinyl that are washed seamlessly. Think about the vapours and fats that are released during cooking. In this area, choose moisture-resistant paint. If you live in a house, think about finding a roofing contractor, you may need it.

The floor is usually made of terracotta, which is a practical choice because it is easy to clean and there is no risk of it rising when spilling liquids if it is parquet. Kitchen furniture can be repaired and refreshed if the old one is to be used. A change of glass doors or handles always creates a feeling of general change.

The decor

You can use it to your advantage to bring an original breath to the kitchen. Several pillows in sync with the colours you’ve chosen in the room, new curtains or blinds, a dining set, and a vanguard vase – you’ll do a lot with minimal effort and resources.

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